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CURL FREE Banner Graphics
exhibition banner stands
Great for exhibitions, presentations and point-of-sale applications, banner stands offer a cost effective method of getting your message across. The range of banner stands shown here will provide you with a top quality product at the best possible price. Costs are based on artwork being supplied to our specifications. If you don't have artwork we can give you an estimate for design and artwork origination, please call us on 01245 231900. fixed delivery designed and assembled in the UK
Emerald Banner Stand

for full details of the Emerald Bannerstand
80cm Emerald Bannerstand     @ 59.50 each
100cm Emerald Bannerstand   @ 75.00 each
Optional extras

Curl Free scratch resistant crystal laminate   20.00 each 
(Highly Recommended.)
 x 200 A5 Full colour single sided leaflets (Special price) 35.00
 x 200 A5 Full colour double sided leaflets (Special price) 45.00

Total Price Including

VAT and Delivery: 0.00

Good value, quality retractable

Fast assembly

Complete with shoulder bag

1440dpi graphic printed on lightstop PVC material

Available in 200cm x 80cm or 200cm x 100cm

From £129.00

Diamond Banner Stand
for full details of the Diamond Bannerstand
85cm Diamond Bannerstand     @ 105.00 each
100cm Diamond Bannerstand   @ 125.00 each
Optional extras

Curl Free scratch resistant crystal laminate   20.00 each 
(Highly Recommended)
 x 200 A5 Full colour single sided leaflets (Special price) 35.00
 x 200 A5 Full colour double sided leaflets (Special price) 45.00

Total Price Including

VAT and Delivery: 0.00

Very substantial high quality retractable (built like a tank!)

Fast assembly with quick release interchangable graphic facility

Complete with carrying case

1440dpi graphic printed on lightstop PVC material

Available in 215cm x 85cm or 215cm x 100cm

From £174.00

Sapphire Banner Stand
for full details of the Sapphire Bannerstand
65cm Sapphire Bannerstand     @ 155.00 each
Optional extras
 x 200 A5 Full colour single sided leaflets (Special price) 35.00
 x 200 A5 Full colour double sided leaflets (Special price) 45.00

Total Price Including

VAT and Delivery: 0.00

Sturdy Outdoor weighted by filling the base with water.

Fast assembly with quick release graphic

Complete with carrying case this banner stand is light to transport.

1440dpi graphic printed on reinforced laminated external grade banner vinyl

Available in 200cm x 65cm


Call us at 01245-231900, if you need help or advice.
pop-up display stands
Download a PDF file of banner stand size specifications here

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What is a banner stand?

In order to make your business stand out, the first step you need to consider is the marketing. Without displaying the products significance you cannot let the customers will not give the product enough attention. There are so many ways to market a product, you could the potential customers verbally or let them to read about it, but the chances are it wouldn’t be too effective. Displaying the product is the only way to ensure the customer can fully understand the product; it’s also an exclusive way of advertising. They are usually found at exhibitions, trade shows, and retail stores – just about anywhere the potential customer can be attracted by high wattage graphics.

It can be efficiently used for marketing and advertisement amongst other things. An additional advantage is that you can handle and test the system before using; it is flexible and can be used again and again.

The portable systems are ready to pack and easy to transport, the main attribute of banners is that they are portable, flexible and easy to set up. There are many kinds of portable stands such as retractable or rollup, pole, telescopic and others. The technology that enables the high quality graphics and photos is also a major attribute of banners.

They can be used a number of times to for your requirements, generally you cannot use the same type of display for indoor and outdoor purposes, but there are many types to utilise. For the majority of people the general consensus is that the portable versions are generally better than a customized stand, advantages include that portable systems cost a fraction of a custom built one and the exhibition centre built using portable versions is erected much more quickly in comparison to the custom built systems.

Depending on your product, you can select a location, and with your banner stands convey a message to your potential clients, It is a proven effective method of advertising, and the best tool when you need an impressive image to go with your exhibition showcase.

Display stands are not just a trade show display anymore; across the globe these versatile stands are becoming popular for a variety of uses, display stands are highly effective for promoting sales, special offers, products and a variety of services.

Conveying your message with the use of a banner stand, will get peoples attention, anything distinctive can catch the eye of a prospective client.

There's a fine line between having a polished-looking display and having a monochromatic one, it can be a good idea to choose colors that contrast effectively with the rest of your display, contrasting colors are far more eye-catching than colors that match and blend well.

Banner designs come in various sizes and types: retractable, roll-up, telescopic, and pole. With the wide variety on offer to choose from, it’s an effective way to advertise and the most common trade show display method. Portable stands are advantageous because of the following reasons:

  • Banner Stands are low in price compared to other portable stands.
  • Easy to install.
  • Reusable - after use they are easily dismantled and stored fore future use.
  • Can be neatly packed into small cases that can be carried anywhere, making business advertisements easy for salespeople and recruiters on the move.
  • Banner stands are irreplaceable in today’s exhibitions!!

Banner stands, like display stands and poster frames should present important information to potential customers, poster stands are especially ideal if they are large with resolution.

Finding the right banner stand is essential; remember outdoor and indoor displays are different. And the choice of stand must reflect this. For indoor exhibitions, rollup or roll-up stands are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events; these types of banner stand are weatherproof. If portability is the key factor, it’s an ideal way for advertising and promoting any product or service.

Take your banner with you anywhere and let it stand on its own, there are a number of possible banner stand configurations, each making your banner a stand-alone work of art, conveying your message with style.

The majority of banner stands are aimed at the portable trade show market; therefore the majority of display systems are portable. While this feature is imperative when used with portable trade show booths, it has advantages for retailers as well, these portable displays are easy to position; they fold down for storage and can be set up quickly.

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